Driving at Night and Vision Health

Many of us feel safe driving during the day, even if we don't have perfect vision. The risks of driving at night are genuine. We should take them seriously and consult an eye doctor in OKC because it involves our lives and those of others.

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Driving at Night Is Risky

At night, the road looks quite different from daylight. Due to the darkened surroundings, not only is it harder to see, the glare of light bulbs may momentarily blind us to the curves of the road and the obstacles. And although you are confident that you can adapt to these conditions, other drivers around you might not be as confident as you are.

Aging Adds More Difficulties

Our night vision worsens as we get older. We have lower ability to detect objects in the low light and our eye lenses become stiffer and cloudier as the retina may degenerate (light sensing cells in our eyes that distinguish between light and darkness). Other conditions like astigmatism can also impair one’s visibility in the night, affect peripheral vision and perception of depth.

Changes in Eyesight

You may have early symptoms of eye problems that will make it harder for you to drive safely at night if you've noticed any difference in your view, including halo-effects, bleeding, weakness, or cloudy vision. Another thing to look after is tiredness of the eyes. Even if you see perfectly well, if you struggle to focus on the road, that won't do much good. Regardless of your vision changes or problems, schedule an eye appointment with your optometrist to resolve the problem.

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Assistance in Night Driving

There are solutions to make it easier for those with mild to moderate problems with night time driving. The easiest thing is to keep the windshield and the windows as clean as possible and make sure that you do not fog your headlights. Plenty of sleep and eating eye-healthy foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots and spinach will promote healthy vision and reduce tiredness in the eyes. You may also consider having prescription evening driving glasses, which reduce the sensitivity to light and glare.

If you still struggle to see at night, you should probably contact a great eye doctor in OKC. Come to Korber Eyecare & Surgery Center for a professional, affordable eye care, checkups and treatments in OKC according to your needs.

** Disclaimer: The above post should not substitute medical advice nor does it create a patient-doctor relationship.