How to Fix Your Uneven Eyes?

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Look in the mirror or images of yourself and can notice your uneven eyes? Professionally referred to as eye asymmetry, it is more prevalent to have an unsimilar look at your eyes than you might believe that you do not look good with such uneven eyes. You can consult eye doctor in OKC if it bothers you a lot. At that time, you may always wonder that is it feasible to repair uneven eyes? 

What Is Causing Uneven Eyes?

Several distinct variables cause asymmetrical eyes to appear. Some of the prevalent triggers you may be acquainted with are genetics or absence of sleep. It is also essential, however, to understand other causes that may be more severe.

  • Enophthalmos –Enophthalmos creates eye asymmetry through eye displacement. One sign of Enophthalmos is when your eye looks sinking, particularly after some trauma to the region. For some, Enophthalmos results are almost immediate, but for others, the symptoms appear gradually over time. It's also essential to note any pain or sensitivity around the area. Consult a specialist to guarantee no further harm.

  • Ptosis –Ptosis is another factor that can affect the appearance of irregular eyes. This happens when the muscle that holds your eyelid is detached from the eyelid, leading in a droopy look.  If you have suffered any neurological conditions or a stroke lately, this may be a direct consequence of that.

It is also essential to note that having entirely symmetrical characteristics is very uncommon for somebody. Factors like the eyebrow bone or the shape of your nose can also affect the look of irregular eyes. Sometimes the eyes are not the focus of the problem, and it is difficult for someone to tell the difference without the proper knowledge. For this reason, it is essential to seek a professional's assistance in order to diagnose correctly what causes your asymmetry.

Is It Possible to Fix Uneven Eyes?

It can be fixed depending on the cause of your eye asymmetry. One of the popular processes for correcting the irregular look of your eyes is surgery. This is particularly prevalent for patients experiencing vision problems due to asymmetry. Some efficient alternatives include upper eyelid retraction, ptosis surgery, lower eyelid retraction, eyebrow correction, and orbital decompression surgery.

Each of these processes is complicated and intended to correct with your eyes a variety of asymmetry problems. They are also suggested based on the asymmetry cause. This will guarantee that you accomplish the required outcome you are looking for. To get comprehensive data about what to expect from each operation and which one is correct for you, contact expert eye doctors in OKC. With our comprehensive experience, a variety of therapy choices, and wide understanding of eye symmetry, we are the experts to trust.

Since the eyes are the windows of the soul, it is essential that you are pleased with the manner they look. Whether you are looking to solve eye asymmetry for cosmetic reasons or to boost your sight, therapy choices are accessible. The first step is to call Korber Eyecare And Surgery Center and fix an appointment with our eye doctor in OKC. From there, you will obtain a diagnosis and a correct therapy plan will be created. Take the first step toward symmetrical eyes and a look you enjoy by contacting us today.

**Disclaimer: The above post should not substitute medical advice nor does it create a patient-doctor relationship.