3 Reasons for You to Undergo Cataract Surgery

Nowadays, cataract eye surgery is a common thing in Oklahoma. People of all ages are undergoing cataract surgery. If it has been detected that you have cataract at an early age, you are not alone. Do you know why the ratio of cataract surgery is going up? A specialist of cataract eye surgery in OKC has briefed us on the three most common reasons behind it.

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There Is No Age Bar

Most of the time, people develop cataract in their old age. Decades ago, it was just senior citizen that had to undergo the surgery. But now, the scenario is different. There is basically no benchmark age for getting cataracts. Unhealthy diets, fast lifestyles, pollution, exposure to UV rays etc. are all responsible for people of all ages developing this problem. In fact, a trauma to the eye or different medicines also may cause this issue.

Medical science so advanced now, that cataract eye surgery in OKC is no longer a big deal.

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The Surgery Is Faster and Safer

The technological evolution has influenced the medical industry and cause this treatment to become easy and fast.

In the early days of this procedure, it was very basic. With a scalpel, the eye surgeon would remove the cataract. At that time, the surgery was completely controlled by humans and as a result, it used to take much more time and effort. But, now there is a femtosecond laser to do the removal faster and safer. The laser is delicate to remove the microscopic parts of the surgery and controlling it with a computer gives the most accurate result as well.

Less Dependency to Lenses

In the earlier days, cloudy lense were removed by the surgeon and a lense for distance vision was implanted. But now, the lense implantation has become easier. Also, advanced technology has made the lense efficient enough to correct near, distance and middle vision. Hence, after cataract surgery, people get better vision than they ever had before. It is a great way to throw out their glasses altogether.

For cataract eye surgery in OKC you need to see a specialist who is well experienced and skilled to perform the job. Korber Eyecare and Surgery Center is the best in OKC and they can provide you with a team of efficient doctors to diagnose your problem and perform the surgery in the correct way.

** Disclaimer: The above post should not substitute medical advice nor does it create a patient-doctor relationship.