Different Shades of Sunglasses and Their Uses

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Wearing sunglasses does not only save your eyes from bright sunlight, but it also gives you a stunning look. While purchasing shades often people look at the appearance only. This is not the ideal way to purchase a sunglass. The lenses play a crucial part in making the shades most suitable for you. The expert eye doctor of OKC explains here about the variations of the shades and differences.


You only check if the shade is making you look good or not, but the colored lenses have some purposes as well. If your lenses are amber or yellow, it is ideal for outdoor sports. It filters out the blue light glaring of the snow. These colors also induce the contrast and improve the depth perception. It helps you see the snowy areas clearly.


Rose or purple lenses create the contrast between blue and green color. People use this shade for water skiing and hunting to differentiate objects in green and blue. Green lens is good to filter out the blue light.

Mirrored Lens

Aviator is love, isn’t it? Well, if you are also a fan of aviator sunglasses, the mirrored glasses are something you should not miss. Apart from giving you a cool look, it reduces a significant amount of light as the mirror effect reflects most of it. This feature makes it perfect to be used in the sandy, snowy conditions and in water.

Polarized Lens

If you are searching for anti-glare sunglasses, polarized lenses are the best pick for you. This lens acts as the windows with microscopic built-in blinds. This feature prevents the bounced light from water or a car nearby to damage your eyes. This is costlier than the other lenses and is more beneficial as well.

The eye doctor of OKC warns people of the cheap sunglasses. The sunglasses which are little pricey are better for your eyes. The dark tint is not similar to be well-protected from UV rays. Rather, it can expose your eyes more to the harmful sunbeams.

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It is always better to undergo a check from eye doctor of OKC and get the shades from a reputed seller. Come to Korber Eyecare and Surgery Center, get a professional checkup from us and choose the right sunglasses for you.

** Disclaimer: The above post should not substitute medical advice nor does it create a patient-doctor relationship.