Annual Eye Exam – Why Is It a Must?

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When we suggest that people get a regular eye exam, they think they have good eyes and they don't need an eye exam. This is where you make a mistake. Poor vision is not necessary to indicate an eye disease. This is the last thing that happens if you already have a disease. And if the problem is severe, you may lose your sight permanently.

This is why eye doctors in OKC recommend a comprehensive eye examination on a regular basis. This can prevent you from developing a serious problem. If you are a contact lens user, an annual check is mandatory for you.

A comprehensive eye examination may take about an hour and includes various tests. Refraction, color vision testing, binocular vision testing, glaucoma testing, dilation, retina testing, visual field testing, observation and many more are included. For contact lens users, there are also some additional tests.

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According to eye doctors in OKC, many eye diseases have no symptoms in their early stages. Therefore, it is not possible for regular people to detect the problem before it gets worse. A prompt diagnosis by an expert eye doctor in OKC can detect the disease and treat it correctly.

In addition, the check-up can save you money, which you would have had to spend on expensive surgery if the problem were detected in an advanced stage. Adults who have no eye problems so far should be checked by an affordable eye care doctor in OKC at least once every two years. After the age of 60, the check-up should be once a year.

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** Disclaimer: The above post should not substitute medical advice nor does it create a patient-doctor relationship.