Cataract Symptoms and Surgery – All You Need to Know

Early cataracts is a sign of faster aging in your eyes. What is cataract? This is a dense and cloudy patch that forms on the lens of the eyes. A cataract starts to form when proteins in the eye start clumping and prevent the lens from sending a clear image to the retina. It does not form overnight, rather it grows gradually and interferes with vision slowly. You may end up getting a cataract in both eyes but they do not form together. It is a myth that only aged people get cataract in their eyes; now, younger people are also affected by it. The cataract eye surgery ratio in OKC eye clinics are a clear proof of this.

Symptoms and Causes

Common symptoms of cataract include blurred vision, trouble seeing in the dark, seeing faded colors, glare sensitivity, halos surrounding lights, double vision in the affected eyes and frequent changes in prescribed glasses.

  • The common underlying causes for cataract include:

  • Oxidant overproduction – these are oxygen molecules and have been chemically altered

  • Smoking

  • Sun heat – ultra-violet rays

  • Steroid and other medications

  • Diabetes

  • Trauma

  • Radiation therapy

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Here we will discuss three principal factors of cataract.

  • Cataract can develop at any age, it has even been found in newborns. Due to trauma or certain medications like prednisone or steroids one can develop a cataract. Furthermore, extreme exposure to sunrays, environmental factors or pollution can be a reason for cataract.

  • Cataract surgery has come a long way and it is easier than anything. In Oklahoma City, you will find top-notch surgeons to perform this procedure on your eyes. To get the best cataract surgeons in OKC you need to come to the Korber Eyecare & Surgery Center. In the initial days, this surgery was very basic and everything was controlled by a human. The effort of old lens removal was also completely invasive. This is not the case anymore with the invention of femtosecond lens, it is now safer and easier and the advanced technology gives more accurate results.

  • Initially, cataract eye surgery in OKC or everywhere else, was all about removing the old lens and replacing them with a new one only for distant vision. Now the high technology lens helps with near, middle or distance vision. Especially when you have the assistance of the best cataract surgeons in OKC for the people who are nearsighted, farsighted or dependent on glasses, this is nothing but a blessing.

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** Disclaimer: The above post should not substitute medical advice nor does it create a patient-doctor relationship.