Contact Lenses Can Protect From Harmful UV Rays in Winter

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Our body takes some time to cope with the ever changeable weather. A drastic weather change makes our body incapable to adjust and can bring with it several symptoms. Needless to say, the symptoms are not comfortable for us. Therefore, it is better to take some precautions before the weather changes and compel our body to get accustomed with it instantly.

Before winter, we get out warm clothes; check our temperature control system, water heater and many others, so that we don’t have to suffer the frigid weather. Do we take the same care for our eyes? It is also a part of the body, exposed and vulnerable to get affected by the cold.

Dry Heat

Dry heat is one of the precarious threats to your eyes. Indoor heat, forced air from vents in the car and many other elements in the air, can dry out your eyes as well as skin. You can combat this problem with a humidifier. Dry heat makes our eyes struggle when we have contact lenses in. In order to keep ourselves comfortable, eye drops are useful. Only use contact lens specific drops if this situation arises. Contact the affordable eye care center in OKC for information in detail.

Reflective UV

Whenever we talk about sunrays and harmful UV, we visualize summer. Did you know that UV rays can be two times more dangerous in winter because it reflects off of snow? Sunglasses are the best and imperative to be used in winter to protect eyes from harmful UV rays. But while purchasing sunglasses you have to keep in mind that not every pair of sunglasses are suitable to protect your eyes. You should talk to your eye doctor in OKC and check if the sunglasses are appropriate for blocking UV rays.

Studies show that even with sunglasses, up to 45% of UV light reaches the eye from the top, bottom and sides. It is called the Peripheral Light Focusing Effect. Many people also wear contact lenses as a layer of protection from UV rays. It also came up in studies that UV-blocking contact lenses can block UV rays better than sunglasses. They reduce the PLF effect by 69% and 96% for UVA and UVB respectively. There are also contact lenses available on the market from reputable service providers which are capable of blocking 90% and 99% UVA and UVB.

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Before you purchase any lenses, visit an eye doctor in OKC. Korber Eyecare and Surgery Center is one of the affordable eye care service providers in OKC and we provide thorough check-ups and then can recommend the right lenses for your eyes. We can also give you all the instructions to get the best results from contact lenses in terms of protecting your eyes in winter.

** Disclaimer: The above post should not substitute medical advice nor does it create a patient-doctor relationship.