Chalazion and Stye – Take Precautions for Keeping You from Pain

chalazion and stye

You understand how painful it can be if you have ever had a stye. It feels like a a bubble, but it's on the eyelid. However, a stye is a prevalent eye disorder and is also known as an external hordeolum. A chalazion is a bump that looks very similar to a stye on the eyelid. They also have comparable causes and symptoms, but variations exist. Ask your eye doctor in OKC for a checkup if you notice any abnormality.

What is a Chalazion?

A chalazion is a slow-growing, tiny lump or cyst in the eyelid. It generally does not take longer than a few weeks, and it is not so painful.

A chalazion can occur by blocking or inflaming a meibomian gland at the bottom of the eyelid. These drums generate oil which lubricates the eye's surface.


A stye is generally from a blocked gland or a blocked follicle of the eyelid. Here are the causes of stye and chalazion.

  • Hormonal stress and modifications can also cause a stye.

  • A chalazion occurs as a small portion of the eyelid is blocked, called a meibomian gland.

  • Sometimes an untreated stye can become a chalazion.

  • Skin cancer may also trigger styes and chalazia.

  • Blepharitis, which causes the eyelid to get inflamed, is commonly associated with chalazia and styes.

  • Rosacea is a disease of the skin associated with it.


More likely than kids, adults are to get a chalazion. They appear red and swollen first and then get painful and sorrowful when touched. The lump may stay, but the pain leaves in just a few days. Watch for blurred eyesight, watery eyes, mild irritation, and inflammation, all of which might imply a chalazion formation. A chalazion can be found again in the same place or another region. There is no special test if a chalazion is present. Your eye doctor in OKC just requires to evaluate your eye and probably will ask you a few questions.

girl with an eye doctor


Usually, without visiting the doctor, you can treat chalazion and styes yourself. In a few weeks, they will generally get clear themselves, but there are ways to assist drive the process forward:

  • Don’t poke or try to pop a chalazion or a stye.

  • Use a warm cloth on your eye.

  • Gently massage the swollen area.

  • After the swelling is gone, keep the area clean.

  • Don’t use eye makeup or lenses.

  • Clean your lenses and all associates.

Call eye doctor in OKC if you believe you have a chalazion. Your doctor can assist you in starting the healing process. We have experienced eye doctor in OKC at Korber Eye Care and Surgery Center. Contact us and get the best treatment.