How to Select Your Right Summer Shades?

girl wearing a sunglass

The sun is out, and the whole of the summer is here. What are the right shades for you this season to wear?

We will concentrate on how sunglasses can protect the eyes from UV light (the right pair). With proper protection, the choice of the best pair of sun lenses for you can help keep your eyes clear and healthy, with the benefit of preventing wrinkles around your eyes. We should not forget that sunglasses are essential for polishing the perfect look during the summer. Eye doctors in OKC recommend buying the right pair of shades to protect eyes from harmful UV rays to prevent diseases in the long run such as cataracts.

UV Protection

The most significant feature of all sunglasses is UV protection. Check the labels to make sure they block at least 99% of UVA and UVB rays if you're looking for a pair. Consider also obtaining large sunglasses that provide your eyes with better coverage and protection.

Polarized Pair

It's not only the direct sunlight; it's many times, but also the reflection that causes us the most significant trouble when we are outside. Mainly large culprits are windshields and water and snow surface. Fortunately, contemporary sunglasses have polarized lenses.

Polarized lenses filter out at certain angles of light waves, which eliminate reflection blindness. For fishermen, these are a particularly good option, because no glare means that you can see what the water is hiding underneath!

Safety of Eyes

You will now find the perfect pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes while making you look great because you know what kinds of lenses are to look for.

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Sunglass Choosing Tips

  1. Do not forget to check levels of UV protection. Go for 100% protection; your eyes need it.

  2. Darker lenses do not necessarily protect better.

  3. Polarized lens sunglasses are covered with a special chemical film that helps minimize sunlight from surfaces such as water and pavement. Polarized lenses neutralize the reflective rays of the Sun, but do not prevent UV rays in your eyes by default; make sure yours have UV protection.

  4. Fortunately, oversized glasses in the past couple of years have made a massive comeback, and hopefully the trend goes on. The beauty behind the sun lenses is that they cover more of the face.

Pick your pair of shades for this summer today. Moreover, for any problems, contact our eye doctor in OKC at Korber Eyecare and Surgery Center.

**Disclaimer: The above post should not substitute medical advice nor does it create a patient-doctor relationship.