Facts You May Not Know about Cataracts

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Most people do not think of cataract surgery until a loved one finds themselves needing the procedure. Furthermore, cataracts symptoms are often dismissed as an inevitability of age and cataract surgery is often connected with earlier methods of the cataract eye surgery.

These seven surprising data concerning cataract surgery are worth reading if you are interested in maintaining good vision and quality of life.

  1. No Age Bar: While there is a higher probability of cataracts as we age, other factors can speed up cataract formation. Many factors can induce cataracts. Of course, you will get cataracts if you live long enough, but cataracts can be caused earlier as well. The risk of cataracts at a young age can increase with genes, certain medications, lifestyles, and chronic disease like diabetes.

  2. You Can Lose Eyesight: Are you in a job where you must read the fine print, manufacture small parts, work with a computer, drive a truck, coach, or forklift, compete in athletics, artistic activities, etc.? Bad vision because of cataracts can make the performance of these jobs difficult or even dangerous.

  3. Cataracts Will Steal Your Independence: For people with cataracts, early intervention is better. You don't want to stop regular work and lose independence delaying your cataract surgery. The longer people stop working regularly, the less likely they are to return.

  4. Cataract Surgery is Nothing to Fear: Our cataract eye surgery in OKC uses the safest and most effective operation techniques in the United States. It’s not the old procedure when it would be best to wait until a cataract becomes "mature" before the surgery. Patients are also surprised by the speed and painlessness of the procedure.

  5. Less Dependency on Glasses and Lenses: A meaningful conversation with patients before the cataract surgery is about their vision goals. We at Korber Eyecare and Surgery Center have high-tech lenses capable of correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Some of the patients rely on reader glasses to get good vision at a distance. However, we can offer you a lens that will increase your range of vision if you undergo the cataract surgery. We know you want your best chance of being less dependent upon glasses or contacts following a cataract operation.

  6. Better Vision as a Whole: In addition to glare problems, clouding the natural lens with cataracts can affect the sensitivity to contrast, the perception of depth and vibrant colors. Cataract surgeons ask patients to look at something printed on a white surface and compare the whiteness to the surgical eye versus the non-surgical one. They are often shocked by the result.

  7. Increased Life-Span: A recent UCLA study of 74,000 females aged 64 years and older found that the risk of early death for women who undergo cataract surgery was 60% lower. Although the scientists did not identify cause and effect, they assume risk factors such as inactivity and solitude may be partly attributable to cataracts.

We are Korber Eyecare and Surgery Center where you will find the best cataract surgeon in OKC to diagnose the condition of your eyes and perform the surgery using advanced techniques. Don’t ignore your eyes; come to us and get the best treatment and surgery.

** Disclaimer: The above post should not substitute medical advice nor does it create a patient-doctor relationship.